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~ I 2020 feirer Stellaris DansTeater 40 år og Solveig Leinan-Hermo 45 år som dansekunstner ~
Baltic meets Barents
Baltic meets Barents
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Baltic meets Barents


- a collaboration between
Baltic Fine5 Dance Theatre (Estland), Association PARTY from Riga (Latvia), Seiko Dance Company (Lithuania) and
Stellaris DansTeater from Hammerfest (Norway)

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NOTE: More programme to be released


19:00 PERFORMANCE, STUDIO IN ARKTISK KULTURSENTER: Dior in Moscow (Russian text) - Seiko Dance Company


19.00 PERFORMANCE, STUDIO IN ARKTISK KULTURSENTER: Fine5 Dance Theatre, Association PARTY and Stellaris DansTeater


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Fragile Beauty by Fine5 Dance Theatre

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With the production "Fragile beauty", Fine5 Dance Theater undertakes a journey into the deeper territory of the body-mind, beyond the superficial layers of thought and movement, to explore the pulsation of the human pulse of life in its fragile stage. With the right to be changeable, different and to draw special beauty from it.
According to choreographer Tiina Ollesk, the source of inspiration for the creation was observing a body influenced by Parkinsonism: "Looking at my mother, how her mind works, how her body moves and works, I noticed something very eloquent and beautiful about her being different. At this fragile stage, the peculiarity of spirit and physique meet the wisdom of life and the naturalness, which inspired me as a choreographer. The aim of the production is not to copy or reproduce the manifestations of parkinsonism on stage, rather the creative process took us away from many images of the usual dance landscape in order to find a different language of movement text.
It is also important for me that the dancers participating in the production are personalities with deeper life and stage experience. I believe that this journey encourages us all to see that the art of dance is rich and can also be accepted in our culture as a serious creative means of expression for an adult, mature person. "
This production of Fine5 Dance Theater is for those who notice and trust to watch the living body, the time in us and the fragility of being, because the most wonderful things in this world are both strong and very fragile - nature, human relationships, freedom, the human body.
Dancers: Helen Reitsnik, Olga Privis, Renee Nõmmik, Simo Kruusement
Costume: Kristina Viirpalu-Tudeberg
Music: Valentin Siltsenko
Photo: Ksenija Kurs
Supported by: Eesti Kultuurkapital, Nordic Culture Point (mobility program)
Tiina Ollesk is lecturer of contemporary dance art at Tallinn University and this production is supported in the frame of creative scholarship of Cultural Endowment (Eesti Kultuurkapital).

More information:

Dior in Moscow by Seiko Dance Company

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Identity of post-soviet woman is analysed in the performance, focusing on its transformation due to the Western experiences. Human body is the place of tradition, communication and authenticity. It listens, tells and retells stories and every time forms the identity from the perspective of place and time. If we look back in time, the changes of woman's identity were legitimized by socioeconomic shifting. Specific roles of being a Soviet woman and multiple roles of being a post-Soviet woman is a focus of our interest.
The research is based on Dr. Aneta‘s Pavlenko "Socioeconomic Conditions and Discursive Construction of Women's Identities in Post-Soviet Countries" (2002) which takes also a role of dramaturgical line in the performance. In the performance we deal with questions about woman's identity: What kind of identity has a post-Soviet woman nowadays? Does the Soviet woman's identity still exist in the second and third generation? Does particular post- Soviet woman's identity still exist in the era of globalisation? And if yes - how do we deal with it? We also look at the so to say "heritage" of post-soviet thinking in our generation and try to search how is it possible to catch the features of eastern mentality in everyday life.

Idea and concept: Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė and Agnija Šeiko
Performers: Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė / Inga Kuznecova-Beleškienė and Agnija Šeiko
Music: Antanas Jasen
Stage designer: Sigita Šimkūnaitė
Video artist: Albena Baeva
Light designer: Povilas Laurinaitis
Producer: Goda Giedraitytė
Production: Identity Move

Duration: 60 min.

Swans in stone - The Nomadic People (film) by Stellaris DansTeater

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As a part of Stellaris DansTeaters 40th jubilee performance the short film "Svaner i stein - Veidefolket" / "Swans in stone - The Nomadic People" was produced.

“Swans in stone - The Nomadic People” is a journey through a universe of movement. It is a visually beautiful film inspired by rock carvings from Alta (Norway) and the motif "Two Swans in stone" which is from rock carvings outside Belamorsk (Karelia). Facts and imagination create a leap from ancient to modern time visualised through several scenes where the nomads travel by foot from the coast to the inland.

Read more about the film here

Together by Association PARTY

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"Together" is a duet about mature relationships, about being together, about being in one tempo. If we are together, no matter where we are going. Important is just going to the one aim in one speed. We are exploring both: concept of movement and philosophically – what is one speed, being in one tempo, if people are so different and evolve differently.
This is very physical, bodily performance easily adjustable to the space, with minimum of scenography and technical needs, but very choreographically complex. The story, of course, is about love.

Choreography: Olga Zitluhina and dancers.

Dancers: Ramona Galkina and Vilnis Birins.

Duration: 30 min

STUNTS with Olga Zutlahina

"Latvian choreographer, dancer Olga Zitluhina will represent her #pijamadancepractice :

Olga will present some improvised dance in the streets and maybe behind windows.
Performative dance practice on social media. Launched during the pandemic on March 23, 2020 to keep oneself in both physical and creative shape, and still going on - every day without holidays. For choreographer Olga Zitluhina, it is also an opportunity to learn to communicate with the world and herself through the screen, to search for and find ways to teach "live" dance remotely, on the screen. The idea, like everything in Olga's life, came from the all-encompassing feeling - "I want to dance" or "I can't not dance". Dance as a lifelong practice, not work."

About young ones - just write - there will be site specific performances by Latvian artists, maybe Stellaris (or Fine5, or Šeiko) will join us - make a mystery of this event.

Stellaris DansTeater aims to present work that reflects the region and to explore topics we believe should be on the agenda. Our goal for our productions and collaborations is to function both as a meeting place for the artists working in relation to the Barents region and to contribute to the development of the art field at local, regional and international level. It is important for Stellaris DansTeater that projects and seminars / workshops are artist-run to be relevant to the subject and the art field. That is why we take part in the project «Baltic meets Barent» by collaborating with our partners from the Baltic countries.

Since the closure of the borders, we have now tried to deliver our project. Along the way and until we meet at the end of July in Hammerfest, there have been many changes. We are happy to finally be able to invite you to a smaller program of the project. Originally, Sweden and Finland were also involved.

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