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~ I 2020 feirer Stellaris DansTeater 40 år og Solveig Leinan-Hermo 45 år som dansekunstner ~
Lifelong Dance Practice: <br>Project 45+
Lifelong Dance Practice: <br>Project 45+
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Lifelong Dance Practice:
Project 45+

"Lifelong Dance Practice: Project 45+" is a project for dance artists after the age of 45. Since 2016, the dance artists involved have held various gatherings in Riga, Pärnu and Hammerfest. The gatherings include workshops, performances, sharing of experiences, as well as talks on current topics and finding resources available to mature dance artists.

The project was initiated by Olga Zitluhina and is a collaboration between society "PARTY" (Riga, Latvia), Stellaris DansTeater (Hammerfest, Norway) and Fine5 Dance Theatre (Tallinn, Estonia). The project receives support from Nordic Culture Point.


Rumpeldance (2018)
Heart Beats Light (2016)