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What happens when you are forced to leave your home, your family and your country because of war?

”Finnmark is Burning” is a collaboration between LAVA-Dansproduktion and Stellaris DansTeater. The performance bridges the stories from World War II to the present, from the forced evacuation of Finnmark to the stories of todays refugees.

Premiere in Hammerfest 6 Sept. Read more here.

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A groundbreaking fairytale performance for the whole family, rooted in Vespian and Sami culture.

"Adnazdi" is a collaboration between Stellaris DansTeater and KANTELE - State National Song and Dance ensemble of The Republic of Karelia.

Premiere in Pedrozavodsk 28. October. Read more here.

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Our new film "Bird" is planned to premiere this autumn. The creative team has been collaborating together on making this film since 2015, travelling between the arctic landscape of Norway´s Finnmark and the warm embrace of Waikato in Aotearoa, filming on our journeys. 

The film is collaboration between Stellaris DansTeater and Waikato Contemporary Dance Projects Trust. Read more here.

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