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Who lives next door?


By Marie Hermo Jensen 

INTRO (2022)
This article was originally written in 2019: before Covid 19 changed so much of our world and our relationships with one another, before borders closed, before global movement was paused and isolation became normalised, and before the devastation of the Russia-Ukraine war and its consequent sanctions wreaked havoc across and within borders. I originally wrote this article to try to explain the importance of cross-border collaboration in the North as well as the importance of applying performing arts to the storytelling of history which I believe should be done from a local point of view. The understanding of the Barents region and the cultural closeness seems distant from a Central European perspective, and even within my own country. This is why I feel that reflecting on cross border collaboration, and the power of the arts is vital if we are to understand how we can sustain creative relationships in these current turbulent times.

This article was originally published in 2019 in Norwegian in “Mer Bevegelse» (More Movement) by Dance Info Norway.