~ I 2020 feirer Stellaris DansTeater 40 år og Solveig Leinan-Hermo 45 år som dansekunstner ~
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Stellaris DansTeater aims to present work that reflects the region and to explore topics we think should be on the agenda. Our goal for our productions and collaboration is to act as both a meeting place for the artists working in relation to the Barents region and to contribute to the development of the art field at both regional and international level. It is important for Stellaris DansTeater that projects and seminars / workshops are artist driven to be relevant to the subject and the art field. In 2020, we collaborate on performances and various projects for both professionals and amateurs.

Two Swans

Two Swans is a visually beautiful and energetic dance performance inspired by rock carvings from Alta and the motif "Two Swans in stone" which are from carvings carvings outside Belamorsk. The performance is a leap from ancient to modern times visualised through several stage images with facts and imagination. In a universe of movements and colours, joik and choirs, a fantasy world is created.

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- excerpts from Two Swans

In 2020 we are working on the anniversary performance "To Swans" (full length). In this context, various scenes are developed that stands independently - as fragments. In January 2020, Stellaris DanseTeater is invited as the only international group, to dance festival “Sianie Arktiki” in Arkhangelsk. This festival is the largest Russian children's dance festival in the Arkhangelsk region.

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Dance artists in Barents

Dance artists in Barents is a three-year development project initiated by the DansInitiativet from Luleå (Sweden) with a focus on strengthening collaboration in the Barents region.

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Baltic Meets Barents

Baltic meets Barents is a collaboration between Baltic companies and companies from the Barents region. The project will facilitate dialogue between artists in the Barents and Baltic regions, and also to create local projects.


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Lifelong Dance Practice 45+

Lifelong Dance Practice: Project 45+ is a project for dance artists after the age of 45. Since 2016, the dance artists involved have held various gatherings in Riga, Pärnu and Hammerfest.

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YoungChoreographer 2020

In 2020 we present YoungChoreographer Tonje Aas Molnes.

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Moving Community

Moving Community is a community-committed project that through various workshops aims to connect ties within communities. Through various workshops, projects stimulate conversations, unity and understanding of various current themes. Moving Community is a collaboration between stellaris dance nz and Word Spark Applied Theatre (New Zealand). The first series of workshops was held in New Plymouth, New Zealand in Nov / Dec 2019 and the project will continue into 2020.
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The Gathering

"The Gathering ONE - Barents Stories" will take place during the Vinterlysfestivalen in Mo i Rana on February 8-14, 2020. The artists want to explore what Barents is in 2020 for the people living in the region? “The goal of the project is to see if we might be able to find sounds, smells, and tastes - or is it something about the way we talk and communicate?

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Bird (film)

Today we live in a different world than previous generations, where we cross borders as we travel, work and vacation. The seasons are no longer come in order. The nights and days meet in a technological world and create immediate closeness. The sense of time and place is no longer what it was.

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