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Open Call <br>The Gathering
Open Call <br>The Gathering
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Open Call
The Gathering

Open Call for artist working in the Barents Region

“The Gathering” is a 3-year project which aims to connect artist who are working within the field of performative arts in the Barents Region. We are currently in a research and development period where we are testing different models on how to make a sustainable network and artist gatherings within the Barents Region.

During this research and development phase our first “The Gathering ONE” will take place during the “Vinterlys” festival in Mo i Rana, Norway. We are looking for 6 - 8 artists from Russia and Norway, who are willing to participate and develop “The Gathering”. We are looking for artists who have a performative arts background and work practice, and who view their own artistic practice as part of a creative dialog within the Barents Region.

The Gathering will include:

• artists working together to develop a small Gathering to form part of the “Vinterlys” festival in Mo i Rana in February 2020.
• raising awareness around the question on what the Barents Region represents. Questions about the environment and discussions about art in context to different concepts of democracy.
• contribute to how we develop a strong and sustainable network within the arts community in the Barents Region.

The artists will be travelling by bus from Kirkenes to Mo i Rana through the Barents Region and Blåvegen to Mo i Rana. The “Vinterlys” festival period will take place from the 8th to the 14th of February 2020. You will have to be available to travel from Kirkenes/Nickel on the 4th of February.

Your travel costs will be covered (within reasonable terms/costs) + pr. diems and a artistic fee for the period. There will be a possibility to become part of the main project for the period 2020-2021.

The organizers for this event are the Art Residency in Nickel and GullBakken.
(See short description below about the Art Residency Nickel and GullBakken).

Partners in the project for 2020 is DanseFestival Barents and Stellaris DansTeater.
The project is supported by BarentsKult and the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.

Deadline for applying to be part of The Gathering ONE: 5 January 2020

Please note: The working language of The Gathering will be English, and there will be a translation service available.

Please send a short presentation of yourself (with a brief CV) with links to previous and/or current work.

Please note that your passport has to be valid, with minimum expiration date of 2 years.

About Art Residency Nickel and GullBakken:

GullBakken was founded in 2018 by Gull Øzger and Wenche Bakken, with the aim of developing new art and performance. The project also has the aim of building capacity within the creative sector through initiating new networks and collaborations, by facilitating courses, seminars and workshops. GullBakken wishes to create an incubator for new innovative ideas for art projects and networkbuilding, in collaboration with artists, organisations and institutions whom they would like to invite to join them in this new and excting venture.
GullBakken is formed by dance artist, producer and facilitator Gull Øzger and festival curator, producer, writer and cultural worker Wenche Bakken. GullBakken is based in Mo i Rana.

Art Residency Nickel (curated by Alexandra Krements) is the Russian partner of «The Gathering». They have their base at The Second School in Nickel, where they offer facilities for artist in residence, with several studios and various work rooms. During the residency period, the artists are invited to organise and facilitate different activites such as masterclasses and workshops, which can encourage a creative dialogue with participants and the local population.