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<i>We celebrate </i><i>40+1 years in 2021</i>
<i>We celebrate </i><i>40+1 years in 2021</i>
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We celebrate 40+1 years in 2021


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New Plymouth
New Zealand

Marie Hermo Jensen v / Stellaris DansTeater premieres “U&I” on November 14 during the RESET festival in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Stellaris DansTeater / stellaris dance nz collaborates in this performance which is danced by TCDC - Taranaki Contemporary Dance Collective.

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Swans in stone

14 - 20 June 2021: International festival of modern choreography «Nord Dance» - Petrozavodsk, Russia
18 - 22 June - The International Contemporary Dance Festival „Laiks dejot” (Time to Dance) - Riga og Ventspils, Latvia
25 June - 3 July: RIFF: R.E.D International Film Festival - Eina, Norway


In 2021, we have several collaborative projects with various artists and organisations.

Read more about our projects and collaborators for 2021 here.
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