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Dance artists in Barents
Dance artists in Barents
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Dance artists in Barents

Dance artists in Barents is a three-year development project focused on strengthening collaboration in the Barents region initiated by the Dansinitiativet in Luleå, Sweden.

The project aims to create a stronger network and create events that will establish a context for long-term Barents collaboration. The aim of the project is to develop better conditions for dance artists to live and work in the region. The dance environment must be strengthened through exchange with other dance artists in the northern regions of neighbouring countries, as we face the same challenges and have each other as our closest colleagues. There are few practitioners and great distances to the rest of the country and the world. By creating workplaces and collaborations based on artistic activity and in relation to the dancers' everyday lives with ned for training and inspiration, resources are used optimally and we build common long-term relationships for dance artists in the north.

In 2020, the production project "Dancing on the Margins of Climate Change" will be created and toured in the Barents region. From Norway we present dance artist Maya Mi Samuelsen.

More information coming.

Partners: Dansinitiativet (S), Riksteatern (S), Riksteatern Norrbotten (S), Dans i Västerbotten / Norrlandsoperan (S), Dansekonsulent Norrbotten (S), TaikaBox (F), Stellaris DansTeater (NO), DanseFestival Barents (NO), The Second School (RU) og Barents Bird (RU).