BET | Stellaris DansTeater
~ I 2020 feirer Stellaris DansTeater 40 år og Solveig Leinan-Hermo 45 år som dansekunstner ~


BET — Body Experience Time

“BET” - Body Experience Time is a collaborative project between Fine5 Dance Theatre (Estonia), Stellaris DansTeater (Norway) and Society Party (Latvia).

“BET” - Body Experience Time is a collaborative network of European, Scandinavian and Baltic dance companies that are actively engaged in international artistic exploration and audience development in dance art and the development of artistic products, expertise and ideas. The project is also socially engaged, and collaborates with local artists, cultural institutions, schools and universities. The goal is also to help dance artists over the age of 45 meet and work through the online work platforms.

Through "BET" - Body Experience Time, we will produce a dance performance that will be presented in 5 countries.

The project has received 3 year old support from EU Creative Europe for the period 2021-2023. Project 45+: Lifelong Dance Practice has previously been supported by Nordic Culture Point.

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