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Adnazdi / Однажды

Stellaris DansTeater (Hammerfest, Norway) and partner Kantele - The National Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Karelia (Petrozavodsk) have made a groundbreaking performance for the whole family, based on Vespian and Sami culture.

As an indigenous population, both the Russian/Vepsian and Norwegian/Sami culture have strong traditions. Kantele´s roots lie in the culture and traditions of indigenous people in Karelia, and the company is 83 years old. They are famous for their musical folklore, traditional dance and music with a modern expression. Stellaris DansTeater is the oldest independent dance company in Norway today, and has previously created several performances based on Sami culture, for example. "Geidosis", "Rissninger" and "Avadat". Choreographer Solveig Leinan-Hermo quickly responded yes to the request from Kantele to make a production that combined the companys and their two cultures. Stellaris DansTeater has experimented with traditions for a number of years, and this performance is working further towards a cultural symbiosis.


Sunday 28.10.2018 5 pm National Theatre Petrozavodsk, Karelia Republikk, Russia
Tuesday 30.10.2018 7pm Culture Palace, Kondopoga, Karelia Republkk, Russia
Thursday 01.11.2018 7pm Sport and culture centre, Kem, Karelia Republic, Russia
Saturday 03.11.2018 4pm City Culture Centre Lovozero, Murmansk county, Russia during Dance festival «Polar sirkel»
Sunday 04.11.2018 11am County´s Culture Palace teamed after S.M. Kirov, Murmansk, Russia during Dance festival «Polar sirkel»
Monday 05.11.2018 4pm Culture Palace «OKTIABR», Zapoliarnij, Murmansk fylke, Russland
Tuesday 06.11.2018 6pm Artistic residence «VTORAJA SHKOLA», Nikel, Murmansk county, Russia
Sunday 11.11.2018 5pm Arktisk kultursenter, Hammerfest, Norge under DanseFestival Barents
Workshop Tuesday 06.11.2018 12.00noon Creative residence «VTORAJA SHKOLA», Nikel, Murmansk county, Russia

Suitable for children from 7 years.
Duration: 50 min


Choreographer, performer and producer: Solveig Leinan-Hermo
Composer and singer/joik: Halvdan Nedrejord
Dancers: Ekaterina Nikitina, Eivind Linn, Tonje Aas Molnes, Dmitrii Melnikov, Ksenya Veselkova, Tatiana Papulova, Oksana Smirnova, brødrene Pavel, Semen and Aleksandr Dudal.
Choir: Marina Evseeva, Tatiana Peron, Irina Popova, Marita Prokhorova, Marita Sabinina, Marina Tukkiia
Lead singer: Irina Popova
Translator and production assistant: Anna Karpova
Production collaborator: Marie Hermo Jensen
Costume consultant: Hilde Skancke Pedersen
Seamstress: Natalia Egorova

Rehearsal Director in Petrozavodsk: Oksana Smirnova
Producer for Kantele: Tatiana Papylova

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