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~ Stellaris DansTeater celebrates 35 years and Solveig Leinan-Hermo 40 years as a dance artist in 2015 ~
Gerd Kaisa Vorren - Dance Artists in projects

Portrett Gerd Kaisa
Trained at London Contemporary Dance School (BA) and the Laban Centre London / Transitions Dance Company (MA in Dance Performance) from 2001-2006. She has since worked as a freelance choreographer, dancer and teacher in London and Northern Norway.

Gerd Kaisa is co-founder of InTuit Dance Company and KulNaTur (an organization for the site specific art). Own choreographic work includes Myr with Malvin Skulbru and Bernt-Simen Lund (2008), Møtet with Maria Stødle and DriPpp (2008-2009), Untitled (2009), Seconds Adsum with Stødle, musikk av Boska (2009) and MøteR-Because of You with Stødle and DriPp (2009).

Gerd Kaisa dances in 'Dær Fastlandet Flyt' (Where the Mainland Floats), 'I Hengende Snøre' and 'Crack the Codes'.

Photo: Pavel Krioukov

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