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~ Stellaris DansTeater celebrates 35 years and Solveig Leinan-Hermo 40 years as a dance artist in 2015 ~
Ekaterina Nikitina - Dancer in projects

Portrett Katja
Ekaterina is from Nikel, Russia and completed her studies at the State University of Art and Culture in St. Petersburg the summer of 2006. After an audition in 2003 Ekaterina participated in an American-Russian dance project.

Ekaterina first started dancing with Stellaris DansTeater under the YoungDancer projects 2003-05, and later was YoungChoreographer 2006. She moved to Hammerfest in 2009, and has since then been a dancer with the company. She has danced in numerous Stellaris DansTeater productions and projects, like ‘Dunongen og Tempusegget’, ‘Åpen Zone’, ‘V Puti’ and ‘Rute 9600’ to name a few, and worked as a choreographer in ‘Pusterom’ (Breathing Space).

Ekaterina will be dancing in several performances during Stellaris DansTeater’s and Solveig Leinan-Hermo’s Anniversary Weekend 4-7 September in Hammerfest, among them 'Whispers - by The Pearly Gates', 'Dær Fastlandet Flyt' (Where the Mainland Floats), 'I Hengende Snøre' and 'Ocean Antics', which goes on tour later in 2015.

Ekaterina celebrates 10 years as a dance artist in 2016.
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