Gala performance ‘Meeting Point North’

Stellaris DansTeater and Solveig for many years collaborated with many different professional organisations at home and abroad. There has been a lot of laughter, map reading and dancing on the way. We have received many colleagues and friends. We have invited several to give the Jubilant a gift during the gala performance ‘Meeting Point North’ and many have accepted.

The stage is set for a great show with a lot of energy and dance variations from many different countries. The jubilant do not yet know what the “gifts" are but a huge gift to us all in Hammerfest it will be. So we hope the audience will join the party!


Sunday. 6. September 4 p.m. in Ole Olsensalen, Arctic Culture Centre during the Jubilee weekend TRÅ DANSEN 70°39′N


Tickets can be bought at Arctic Culture Centre or online.
Buy single tickets online: Adult 250 kr / Child 150 kr Or buy a jubilee pass: Adult - 650 kr / Child - 350 kr
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