Crack the Codes competition 05.09.2015

After concept of Solveig Leinan-Hermo.
The Weekend September 4 to 7 the scene was set for a fabulous Jubilee weekend in Hammerfest. Solveig celebrated her 40th anniversary as a dance artist and Stellaris DansTeater’s 35 years. In this context Stellaris DansTeater gathered YoungChoreographers for a playful dancewalk consisting of 7 stations.

A self-appointed jury of Marie Hermo Jensen and Solveig Leinan-Hermo, ie a democratic, friendly and exceptionally positive jury.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the dancewalk where the task for the participants was to find answers / solutions they seem suited for the activity at each station. It could be answers to a riddle, words of wisdom or a phrase under the motto imaginative answers. The task was to arrive at a definitive answer drawn up on the basis of answers / impression the participants had from the various stations. We received many incredible responses. The fun of this little competition was that the tasks were "open", and the possibility of different answers was therefore great. The jury consequently got a difficult task finding the winning answers. We still had to take a decision!

First and second prize is a gift certificate a 200 kr for cultural events or cinema to Arctic Culture Centre (ACC). Third prize a ticket to a performance during DanseFestival Barents (DFB). The prizes are sponsored by ACC and DFB. Stellaris DansTeater wants to award a Russian participants an additional prize as all the answers were imaginatively drawn.

1 prize: Maria K. Landmark (Alta) with the answer: Time passes, Stellaris remains - Hooray! The path reveilles itself while you are walking

2 Prize: Eirihn Keüer (Hammerfest) with the answer: Life goes on.

3 Prize: Ragnar Olsen (Tromsø) with the answer: Together we can do everything / Now the stars.
(He beat a trio that had replied "Everything is movement”, which the jury thought was a great solution. The jury thought that geographical distribution and gender quotas had to be taken into consideration.)
Extra prize: Elena Panova, Arkhangelsk for her drawn answers. The jury considered that it would be difficult for Elena to use his prize in Hammerfest. Therefore, she will get a small prize when Stellaris DansTeater comes to Arkhangelsk in November

Gjenreisninsmuseet v / Magnhild Rem Fossum: 'It's not gold all that glitters'.
Scandic v / Silje Solheim Johnsen and Jenny Svensson: ‘Crazy’.
Square v / Sari Lievonen: 'Steps / walking'.
The Catholic Church v / Gerd Kaisa Vorren and Patrick Häggström: 'Leading star’.
Outside the iron curtain v / Liv-Hanne Haugen, Anne Katrine Haugen and Helle Levang Moum: ‘Clock / time'.
Foaje v / Marie Hermo Jensen, Ekaterina Nikitina, Tonje Aas Molnes and Eivind Linn: 'The path reveilles itself while you are walking' (the title of the piece).
Anew v / Marie Hermo Jensen (film): 'Rebirth'.
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