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Lifelong Dance Practice: Project 45+

The goal of the project “Lifelong Dance Practice: Project 45+” is for dance artists that have passed the age of 45 to meet and collaborate continuously. This includes workshops, performances, continuing education, sharing experiences, discussions of a range of current issues and to identify resources that are available for dance artists who are becoming seniors.

The project was initiated by Olga Zitluhina and is a collaboration between society "PARTY" (Riga, Lativa), Stellaris DansTeater (Hammerfest, Norway) and Fine5 Dance Theatre (Tallin, Estonia). The project has received support from Nordic Culture Point.

Hammerfest 8-11 August 2018
Pärnu 23-26 August 2018
Riga 6-9 June 2018
Hammerfest 8-15 November 2016

Rumpeldance (2018) Information coming
Heart Beats Light (2017) Read more here

More information coming

We created this film during our period in Hammerfest in 2016

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