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~ Stellaris DansTeater celebrates 35 years and Solveig Leinan-Hermo 40 years as a dance artist in 2015 ~
  • Stellaris Barentsproject

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    Stellaris Barentsproject aim to create productions for stage between artists in the Barents Region through performances and network collaboration. Stellaris DansTeater has established contact with great collaborators like dance artists, stage groups and organisers in the region. Many performances and tours have been produced by Stellaris, or in collaboration with our artistic and cultural friends in the region.
  • YoungChoreographer project

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    Through the YoungChoreographer project Stellaris DansTeater/Solveig Leinan-Hermo want to help give more dance artists the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Several young choreographers / dancers have participated in the project. Several have continued their work by producing performances and tours, presented by Stellaris DansTeater or in other contexts.

    Besides the cultural-political ideas behind the YoungChoreographer project it is important to point out that the various projects also can serve as workshops. The workshops will give young dance artists the opportunity to fail, as well as being able to continue developing their ideas into success. Today there are very few opportunities to include a pilot project in a choreography process in which the artist has a professional team of colleagues and consultants available. The projects' size and number of performances must however be adjusted in relation to the funds available.


    2015: Eivind Linn Et sted som dette (A place like this)

    Hedda Rivrud, Merete Hersvik and Tony Tran

    Benedikte Onarheim Blystad En kveld (One Evening).

    2010: Jenny Maria Svennson with the choreographies Compact Living, Aldri sur and Correspondance.

    2009: Jenny Maria Svennson with the choreographies Compact Living and Solio.

    2008: Ingunn Tarebø-Myhre Time for trouble / green grass.

    2007: Silje Nordheim. Pre-production work for the choreography Konstant Skiftende.

    2005-06: Gerd Kaisa Vorren, Therese Einmo Jürgensen, Ekaterina Nikitina and Eirihn Keüer with soloworks. Marie Hermo Jensen with the choreography Touch.

    YoungChoreographer 2003-04 was Marie Hermo Jensen and Magnhild Rem Fossum. As a YoungChoreographer Marie choreographed Entroduserer in 2003. In 2004 she created the solo Innimellom Hjerteslag (In-between Heartbeats) based on three months research and work in New Zealand. Magnhild Rem Fossum held an apprentice position in Stellaris DanceTheatre in 2004 and had three months pre-production in India, which created the solo Dislocated. The solos were presented under the motto "collaborations across borders and cultural boundaries". In 2005 Marie developed further with the choreography Touch.

    2002: Collaboration with Body Tech and Nordland Teater. Choreographer Gull Øzger with the choreography Året gjennom med hodet øverst.
    A solo by and with Danal Guy.
    A solo by and with Magnhild Rem Fossum.

    2001: Sari Lievonen: When time is out/ Når tida e ute. Gull Øzger with her project Stykke under utvikling. The theme was contemporary dance and culture diversity. The dancers Anne Katrine Haugen and Magnhild Rem Fossum contributed with a solo each.

    2000: There was no Young Choreographer project this year due to Nordnorsk Ballettforum's 10-year jubilee (today called Forum for nordnorske Dansekunstnere). Stellaris collaborated in this project.

    1999: Silje Nordheim: Backslap / Backstab. Shown in Bodø, Hammerfest, Karasjok, Alta, Nikel.
    Anne Katrine Haugen: Dance me to the end of Love. Shown in Hammerfest, Karasjok, Alta.
    Marte Magnus: Jeg var en Gudløs som falt mot bakken. Shown in Hammerfest, Karasjok, Alta.

    1999: Gull Øzger from Mo with I crossed the arctic circle. Duration 30 min. Øzger showed two performances in The museum of reconstruction in Hammerfest.

    1998: Toini Kristensen from Bodø. She created the ballet Et forsonende skjær.... Her choreography was shown next to two of Solveig Leinan-Hermo's choreographies on tour in Finnmark and Bodø.

    1997: Helle Levang Moum from Tromsø. The choreography Helt inne i rødt. The performance was shown on tour in Finnmark and at the Cultural houses in North of Norway. In 1998 Stellaris collaborated and financially supported the performance Koladrøm. The performance was a young artist project during The Festival of North Norway 98.
  • YoungDancer project, 2002 - 2005

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    The YoungDancer project started in 2002 under Solveig Leinan-Hermo's management. Eight promising young people who today have completed their dance education at institutions in Oslo, Stockholm, London and St. Petersburg participated in this project in 2002-05. These eight were Marie Hermo Jensen, Eirin Agledahl, Merete Myhrer, Magnhild Rem Fossum, Eirihn Keüer, Karen Høybakken Mikalsen, Ksenia S. Dementieva and Ekaterina Nikitina. Several of these young dancers have since then worked for Stellaris DanceTheatre on individual projects or have held one-year contract full-time positions.

    Background for the YoungDancer project:
    The transition from an educational institution to the working life is a very big challenge for any student. Through the YoungDancer project Stellaris DanceTheatre wants to help young dancers through the transition and help them on their way. During the project the young dancers actively contribute to the creative process – in practice trough to performance - something that will have great value in professional work.

    The YoungDancer project has not been a priority in recent years. The YoungChoreographer project has been of higher priority within the resources Stellaris DanceTheatre has had available. There has been a natural process in relation to follow up on the young dancers from the YoungDancer project.

    The project was supported by Finnmark County Authority, Hammerfest kommune and Stellaris DanceTheatre / Solveig Leinan-Hermo.
  • Ballet School / Dance workshop

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    The Ballet School/Dance workshop at Hammerfest Ballettverksted, established in 1980, was the forerunner for the dance programme at Hammerfest kulturskole (Hammerfest Culture School)
  • DanceFestival Barents, 2003-2008

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    DanceFestival Barents is an annual festival, located in Hammerfest, which in 2011 will be held for the eighth time.

    The festival was initiated by Solveig Leinan-Hermo/Stellaris DanceTheatre in Hammerfest and held for the first time in 2003, then as a project by Stellaris DanceTheatre. In 2008 the festival was established as an AS, a daughter company of Stellaris DanceTheatre. DanceFestival Barents has since 2009 had a festival leader in a full time position.

    DanceFestival Barents is the world's northernmost dance festival, which engages in dance and presents performances with an emphasis on art and culture from the Barents region, contributes to education through courses, seminars and workshops, and facilitates activities that target children and youth, all in accordance to its statutes. The festival is a meeting place for dance artists in the Barents region in particular, but also for all others from far and near. One of the festival's goals is to collaborate across borders and cultural boundaries.

    The festival's vision is to be a powerhouse for dance in the Barents region!

    DanceFestival Barents is an event that reflects a living, vibrant and creative environment. Now that Hammerfest has a landmark building like Arctic Culture Centre, the festival also has excellent facilities to showcase the art of dance to it´s audience.

    The festival is dependent on public funding and sponsors for both activity and administration. Among others Stellaris DanceTheatre and Dansarena nord are very close collaborators.

    Visit DanceFestival Barents website:
  • Nordnorsk landsdelscene for Dans / Dansearena nord

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    Solveig Leinan-Hermo started the work towards a North-Norwegian dance stage in 1998. The process was long and demanding, but led to the founding of North-Norwegian regional Dance stage (NND) in 2004, by the counties of Finnmark, Troms and Nordland and Hammerfest kommune. The main activity of NND was to contribute to the development of dance in Northern Norway and have an international orientation with the Barents Region as a prioritised area. In 2005 NND and Stellaris DansTeater signed an agreement. Stellaris was to maintain a natural activity that can be linked to Stellaris DansTeater’s work in accordance with the company´s statutes and action plan. The partnership lasted until 2009, and Solveig Leinan-Hermo can document a great result for the period.

    In 2009 the owners of NND demanded that the collaboration should be organised as a legal entity, something that was a particular challenge for both parties. The aim of 2009 was to separate the administration and activity. The solution for both parties was therefore to separate the daily administration and production. At the same time NND defined their work and services applicable only to the three northernmost counties. NND was to define their goals under the collaboration agreement that was copied from Stellaris DansTeater’s profile. The aim was to define the different tasks. In 2010 the North-Norwegian regional Dance stage changed its name Dansearena nord (Dancearena north). Today the company and organisation are two different entities, which collaborate when appropriate.

    Visit Dansearena nord´s website:
  • Arctic Culture Centre

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    Solveig Leinan-Hermo has been active as a consultant in the preparation and construction process of the Arctic Culture Centre in order to facilitate for the specific needs of dance.
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